About NCF

NAWAKONYI CHILDREN’S FOUNDATION (NCF) was founded October 11th, 2022 under Glorious nursery and primary school which was founded in 2013 by a Mother, Grandmother, a Friend, a Community Elder and an Educationist whose love and compassion towards her Community is incomparable.

The core to creation of the Foundation was to make sure there was equal access to good and quality Education to all children more so the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children

NCF is out to improve and upgrade communities, and impact lives of the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children, Youth, Elderly, Single Mothers, Widowed and Others through providing good and quality education, Life and Hands On Skilling for all, Women Empowerment, Awareness’s, and Community Based Advocacy.

Like other Non-Governmental Organizations and International Humanitarian institutions, we aim at achieving sustainable results from developmental activities and initiatives to our communities, especially with the orphaned and Vulnerable Children, Youth, Women – Single Mothers in particular, Widows and the Disable.

Contact us

Tel: +256 7055 08719

Mail: info@ncfug.org

Our Programs

This is an essential education program, under the foundation’s education facility Glorious Nursery & Primary School where most of the locals take their children for studies.

Under this program, volunteers are placed strategically at Glorious school.


The school is attended by children in our local community. Volunteers play an invaluable role in teaching children and supporting their educational needs, helping them to increase their chances of higher levels of education, and a brighter future.

Volunteers plan and teach lessons within their scope and areas of interest under the guidance and help the help of our local teachers. . Although English is one of the National languages in Uganda, most children after school activities, speak local dialects Luganda giving volunteers an opportunity to explore and experience the different cultural and ethnic diversities during their stay in Uganda.

This program, will allow Volunteers plan fun activities and sports for recess times and after school. They will also have a lot of fun with the children and they will feel alive each time they spend together.

During weekends volunteers will have time to go for safaris or explore different places in Kampala, go for recreation activities, movies and so many more so as to widen their scope and understanding about Uganda.

The volunteer program will promote and deliver healthcare to women and families living in the different communities. The health volunteers will work as health coach, advisors, educators, liaisons, promoters, outreach workers and counselors.

Healthcare is essential for the survival and development of the women, children and their entire families. A good health is a huge contributor to development of the entire household.

Our core social responsibilities among many include;

  1. Deliver healthcare to communities
  2. Assist medical personnel at local health Centre III to provide services to the locals.
  3. Liaise/Work with the Ministry of Health in administering vaccines to children and adults.

This volunteer program will help the women and families to learn about maternal health, childcare, nutrition, preventable illness, diabetes, high blood pressure, malaria and diseases that affect life and their prevention. And this program is also designed to help meet health needs of the vulnerable women and families more so designed for:

  1. Age 16+
  2. Singles
  3. Couples
  4. Families
  5. Vulnerable Groups

This program is designed to help volunteers get first hand one on one interface with the  locals, allow communities benefit from the different skills shared at all health centers but most especially the health center III in the different communities.